Performance Schedule

Performances at 6a Plush Mills:

Statement (durational performance) - Saturday 18th May 2013
Considering Documentation (durational performance) - Sunday 19th May 2013
Labour (performance) - Saturday 25th May 2013
Statement (durational performance) - Sunday 26th May 2013

Performances at Hazelford:

Post-its (durational performance) - Monday 27th May 2013. Please meet at Plush Mills at 2pm.
Download Rhiannon's ambient soundtrack Now and Then to your phone or mp3 player before your visit, for use on-site at Hazelford. Please resist the temptation to listen to it before you get there.

Performance Documentation

"Statement" Rhiannon Evans. Durational performance. 14:45-16:45 Saturday 18th May.

"Considering Documentation" Rhiannon Evans. Durational performance. 18:15-18:25 Sunday 18th May.

Due to the impromptu nature of the performance, the initial stages were not recorded...

"Labour" Irina. Performance. 18:00-18:10 Saturday 25th May.

"Statement" Rhiannon Evans. Durational performance. 15:40-18:10 Sunday 25th May.

"Post-Its" Rhiannon Evans. Performance. 15:30 Monday 26th May.

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